Saturday, June 12, 2004


Now, im a patriotic kind of guy. Im English (well 75% anyway) and im very proud of it. Thats not to say that i dont sometimes wonder what this country is coming to and i find myself wishing of sunnier, more tolerable climes, but i guess we all question it sometimes.

Im very confused with my opinions on the plethora of flags that has been awash everywhere lately. As if poking the eyes of passing pedestrians isnt good enough, flags are now being hung from bedroom windows. My problem is that I dont think i like it but i dont know why. I think i view the flags in the same way as i view red noses for cars: its a bit sad. Thats not to say that i wont put a couple of quid in for red nose day, but i'll pass on the hooter for the front grill if you dont mind.

Do some people forget that theyve got these red noses on? do they never go round to the front of their cars? its the only explanation for them being on cars sometimes a year after Comic Relief. "Yes we can see you gave to charity and i believe youre a bit wacky, but dont drag it out mate". Or are they hoping to save a bit of money by making it last to the next Red Nose Day?

I digress. Im really struggling with my opinion on it, my natural reaction is that its a bit sad, but the left side of my brain is screaming 'why not, whats the problem?'. But I cant get away from the fact that i think that the flag bit is just a bit of attention seeking, almost a "look at me, i may be driving a Micra but you'll find that im really interesting if you spoke to me" kind of thing. Almost as though these people are striving to be noticed, like the office geek on a night out who tries to come across as one of the lads in his Bart Simpson tie.

I feel like saying "im English, theres a fair chance youre English, we both know we're in England. Taking all that into account i would hazard a guess that you would want England to do well so do us all a favour and give the flags a miss eh?"

But then again, i recently drove all the way to Cardiff with my Mansfield Town scarf hanging from my rear window. I removed it for the way back, but it wouldnt be in my car still if we won. Is this the same behaviour? Am i as guilty as the flag bearers? Have i contradicted my 'tolerable' claim?

I kind of think its more acceptable, but then again i would as it was my behaviour.

Car stickers are another, but i'll save that for another day...