Saturday, June 12, 2004

"Im not gay or owt..."

Ive just noticed that theres an advert at the top of the page for some gay chat thing. Now I'm not homophobic or anything, but i wouldnt want anybody reading this to get the wrong idea about me. Not that theres anything wrong with being gay or anything. Am i PC'ing this to death enough?

Ive tried logging out and logging back in, but its still there. Ive tried refreshing, still no change - and now ive fully exhausted my technological know-how with those 2 attempts.

Ive tried to see if i can change the advert to something a bit more manly or a bit Grrrr, football, beer - not that theres anything not manly about gay men and im sure some of them like football and beer, but if you've read my technology problems below then you'll probably already know what the outcome is on that attempt.

I notice that its called Isnt it a little sefish to use a random name like kagoul? Theres probably some camping shop or manufacturer out there whose business would benefit from a web address that says exactly what they sell, but they cant because of group of men are talking about tight white t-shirts or whatever it is gay men talk about. If Derek from Worthing wanted a new kagoul for a camping trip next week and decided to search google for nearest stockists he might have a shock that he'd never recover from. Although Worthing might be pretty handy if he liked what he saw.

The funniest thing is that i found this explanation of why google place ads on particular sites:

"..Google uses search-based technologies to match advertisements to the content and context of web pages - so the ads you see are related to the information you are viewing..."

So it looks like its all my fault and im being far too effeminate about this blog lark. I guess the inclusion of words such as: gay, chat and manly in this blog wont have helped matters that much. To rectify this situation all future blogs will feature more manly words such as: football, beer, women, cars, etc. For the time being though it looks like i/we're stuck with it.

So in the spirit of things, click on the link, have a look around - you never know, it might change your life.