Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Futures Bright....

Read this, then this, then this for full story..
No call back last night or this morning from Jen as promised. Her standards were definitely falling in line with the rest of her corporations. My phone was being delivered between 1 and 5 and i wanted clarification of the procedures before i accepted delivery of it. I rang her myself this morning, but i must have caught her in the middle of crocodile wresting practice as she was 'unable to take my call'

Unfortunately, a guy arrived with the phone before Jen rang. It was unfortunate for nobody else except him because i sent him away. He was here at 1.01pm so he must have been hanging around the end of the road until then.

I rang Jen straight after, she said she was just about to call me. I've used that line enough in my time to know when someone having their lunch. I told her that i'd refused the delivery. I got the distinct impression that it was a good job i wasnt within Jens arms length.

She then sighed the sigh of a defeated woman before telling me what i'd wanted all along. She was arranging for me to be able to switch my phone at any Orange store once i'd sent my faulty one back. Apparently she was also willing to waive the £300 cost of changing phones mid contract.

I did think of pursuing the line that i wasnt effectively in a contract so the phone switch would only cost the upgrade fee anyway but i know when i've pushed my luck to the limit and didnt fancy answering the front door to Jens 'boys'. The poor lady had had enough Watski'ing over the past few days so i didnt really have the heart to press the matter any further. Especially as i'd got what i wanted.

So all seems well that ends well. Missing 'Customer Relations' out of any complaint and going straight to the top is the lesson ive learned from all this. And having a Jen to talk to always helps. Hopefully i wont be typing the next update from a hospital bed after being double-sixed by Jens booby-trapped mobile. I get the feeling she's a 'last word' woman, and its her move.