Friday, June 18, 2004


So.... Labour take a kicking in the local election polls. The UKIP get massive gains in the Euro elections with Kilroy-Silk proclaiming that he's going to 'wreck' the European Assembly. Whats he going to do? Fake tan them to death? dazzle them with his teeth? Conduct an impromptu 'My husbands a transvestite and he wont stop wearing my clothes' style special in the foyer?

Im very interested in politics, i like to think im socially aware too. I research stuff and i keep well up to date with current affairs. I'm also British and very proud of it too. But i still dont know enough about Europe to make an informed decision as to whether we should be part of it. I dont know whether it would be a good or bad thing.

Holding a referendum seems a very strange decision to me. Its obviously only been sanctioned because Tony Blair sees not having one as a vote loser. My MP is elected to make informed parliamantary decisions on my behalf. He does it all year round, why not now? He knows the ins and outs of it. Let him decide for me.

Holding a referendum seems a bad idea because i dont believe it will be a fair trial. As soon as the tabloids get into the act and whip the public up into a xenophobic frenzy based on the fact that Brussels want to get rid of the pound, change the shape of the sausages and make us all wear clogs then we'll have 10 million Sun readers deciding our Economic fate. Not the position we want to be in. Surely the debate should be about whether Britain would be a more prosperous place if we were in Europe.

If Britain will be a more prosperous place then the 'keeping the pound' argument becomes pretty futile as much as it would be sad to see it go. You tell the average 'White Van Man' that going into Europe would add £10 a week to his pay packet or the average shop owner that he'd be able to 'round up' prices to Euro equivalents and i'd wager that they'd both cheerily wave goodbye to the pound.

Like i said, im very interested in politics and i still dont know the positives and negatives of being in Europe. It may seem a big-headed thing to say too but if i dont know then theres a fair chance that those that dont take much interest in politics wont either. So the chances are that they know the negatives like removing the pound, but not the positives. You cant have a vote when the majority of the electorate doesnt know the full details. And probably wont be allowed to view the positives because of the nationalistic, xenophobic ramblings of the red tops.

Its just an accident waiting to happen.