Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Lorries under bridges

I've seen some close shaves this last couple of days, and I'm not talking about that late night programme I watched on Channel 4 whilst CJ was away. Ahem..

I'm doing a lot of driving with my new job so am probably seeing this a lot more than normal but some lorries get really close to hitting motorway bridges. I've never really noticed this before, but now I've noticed it once it seems to happen quite regularly.

I was so sure that a car transporter I was following the other day was going to hit one that I started braking to give myself half a chance if it did hit.

Now that I've noticed it I'm always looking out for it and some of them do literally miss some bridges by inches. Its getting a regular occurence, how some of them don't hit I'll never know.

Is there some British standard height of a motorway bridge so that people who load lorries know they shouldn't go above? Or should I just not think about it?