Friday, September 03, 2004

The New Me..

The squirrels are puzzled. Their nuts have disappeared and they aren't sure where.

CJ's cupboard, thats where. Or 'pantry' to give it its proper name. It looks like a squirrels winter storage. Aduky beans and pumpkin seeds are abound.

Inspired by Dr Gillian, CJ is on a healthy eating regime, which means I am also on one. My previous favourite foods and assorted unhealthy habits have been consigned to recent history and now I am enjoying a healthy alternative.

I arrived at work today with the tupperware version of the Russion doll, much to the amusement of my work colleagues. Each box having a different healthy option in it. My breakfast was fruit and nuts (fruit and nut bar, mmmmmm...., sorry, got distracted then), my lunch was lettuce, cucumber, chicken and celery. I dont really eat celery or cucumber, but I do now apparently.

Thank the Lord for salad cream which I have managed to negotiate into my diet. A quick dollop of that and a swizz around and no-one would know whats in there, its akin to Mummy Duck mashing carrots up in my mashed potato when I was younger (last week).

And Im now enjoying my carrot sticks. The ridicule and fun matters not, I can walk through the office feeling healthy with my chest out and my head held high scoffing at their abysmal eating habits. Its difficult keeping on the straight and narrow though working for a Food manufacturer where snack food is prevalent in the office. I am even drinking hot water with lemon in it.

Tonight will no doubt be something with wholemeal rice and lots of vegetables.

The start of health was meant to be yesterday but after my muesli breakfast I forgot my bag of tupperware, not on purpose, and so had to taint myself with the poison which is sandwiches and crisps for lunch. Much to the disapproval of CJ, but my argument was that surely it was better to eat unhealthily rather than starve to death, the fact that I managed to abstain from the chocolate all day helped my argument there I think. Im sure even the witch Dr Gillian would agree with me on that count. Is that where witchdoctor came from?

Its been about 3 hours so far today and I've thought about biscuits a lot, chocolate a lot and crisps the most.