Thursday, October 21, 2004


It was a cold, foggy evening. The streetlights only just managing to peer through the gloom.

I sidled silently around to the back door of the house using the darkness as my cover. (It was night, I didn't have a heavy metal tribute band on at full volume in case you're wondering).

Fumbling in my pocket I found the key amongst the various receipts and coins, carefully placed it in the lock and turned it.

I opened the door quietly and let myself in. Immediately the burglar alarm started beeping - I'd forgotten all about that, pressing the buttons quickly I managed to turn it off without too much damage being caused.

Everything quiet, I closed the door and reached inside the carrier bag I was holding. It was total darkness but I knew what I was looking for and wanted to be ready. There were no second chances. I held it in my hand primed.

I put the carrier bag down and reached to turn the light switch on. Click.

The kitchen now bathed in light I started, catching them all by surprise, there was no escape. I was enjoying it now, they had no chance, they were trapped in the room, again and again I went. You could see the terror, they tried to get away but it was carnage - bodies were everywhere. Watski was the master.

Fly spray rules.