Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Looking for a bus..


My car said, to the man stood in the middle of the road. I've got a girly sounding horn on my car. People look around and laugh when I do it. Which is why I dont do it very often. Then again, people dont stand in the road when I'm driving very often.

He didn't laugh though - he gave me the finger. I saw him doing this in the rear view mirror. It was brave of him to did it when I had passed him, if he had done it before I had pipped him then I would have been minded to just run him over. For the hell of it. Although if he had done it to me before I had pipped at him then I'd have wondered why he was doing it, and I may have been even more minded to run him over. At least now I knew why he was doing it.

When I say 'middle of the road' I actually mean about a metre from the kerb. Although 'middle of the road' is what I would have told the police if I had actually run him over. Nevertheless, he was stood in the road.

He was looking down the road. For a bus.

Not content with just wating for the bus to come he was stood in the road, away from the bus stop, away from the kerb, looking to see if the bus he wanted to catch was coming.

Why would you do that?

Does he think it's going to come any quicker? Does he think that his impatientness is going to make the driver of the bus put his foot on the accelerator? Even though he cant see him.

Why doesn't he just sit down in the bus shelter and wait patiently for the bus, which is going to come anyway whether or not he looks down the road for it.

If I hadn't put my paper down in time I wouldn't have seen him.