Monday, November 29, 2004

He's still standing....unfortunately

"Oh God, not him. Switch it over now before we all die of ego attack..." I said as CJ's channel flicking spree ended up with Elton John's big fat grinning face staring at us from a BBC1 fawn fest.

"...he personnifies everything that's wrong with his world of music and showbusiness today, with his tantrums and his 'look at me I'm cool and down with the kids' swearing exploits on Radio 1....."

"...and his 'look at me I'm cool and down with the kids' exploits when dueting with any popular teen idol band that he can grab hold of..."

"...and his 'look at me I'm cool and down with the kids and I'm also gay' exploits when turning every comment by someone else into a sexual innuendo. Yes we know you're gay Elton, who cares? Get over it. 'Oooh.. like me please young people - I am cool, honestly'....."

" frickin were cool Elton, now you're just a big, fat, arrogant, sweaty fool" I finished. Spent, but pleased with my little outburst.

"It's not his fault he's so out of touch with reality, people who always 'have' are" CJ shouted to me as I ran into the kitchen to get something to end it all with.

I struggled to hear what she said though as I was too busy singing along to 'I'm still standing'.