Thursday, December 02, 2004


I was perturbed last night whilst driving home from work. I was perturbed that I couldn't make my mind up what to have to eat when I got back. It's a big choice for me and I normally have it in the bag by mid-morning, but this time I was struggling. I just didn't know what I wanted.

Not that there's much choice when I get back to my place anyway, it's like Old Mother Hubbards 10 years after she moved out. CJ, the usual chef, was away, so I was forced back to mine.

I turned the radio from 5live, that was perturbing me too. And it was annoying me - I hate the way they are always swopping and changing the presenters. I like consistency when I'm driving - I like to know who I'm going to be greeted by when I start the car up and contemplate my drive home - their constant change bothers me.

*Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
A four of fish and finger pies*

..the new radio station sang at me through the speakers.

And there it was. My tea was sorted. Fish Fingers. Who am I to argue with genius?

Sandwiches though - not pies. You may be genius but what weirdo has fish fingers in a pie? And then sings about it?

With lots of tomato sauce.


So I sped homeward bound with an extra poke on the accelerator, only pausing to stop off at the local shop, to pick up some fish fingers and some bread with which to prepare my culinary extravaganza.

They were even more lovely than I had imagined.

Thank you Mr Lennon and Mr McCartney.

I look forward to the time when you recommend my tea again.