Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Peas in a pod

Belated congratulations to Ellen MacArthur (I'm sure this was the accolade she had waited for). If Tim Henman was a woman I think he'd look a lot like Ellen MacArthur, except he'd not be so good at winning stuff.

You know, I feel MacArthur and myself have a lot in common.

For a start we're both explorers. Of a sorts.

I don't expect everyone to understand what it is like to be of exploring stock, the draw of danger and foreign lands. It's in the blood.

Similar to her own travels, I too have to perform my own feat of personal endurance on a daily basis when navigating my way up and down the M1 to get to work. The difference is that I do it all on my own, not with the help of a team of experts - well I say on my own, I do have the help of 5live travel reports every half hour. It's not easy though.

But just because I don't have to avoid whales and stuff and put a few sails up and down doesn't make it any less of an achievement. Does it?

Maybe I should give B&Q a ring for a sponsored car or something. A drill might suffice.

And I also don't live too far from Cromford, where she was raised. I've been there, it's a shite hole, no wonder she went to the ends of the earth to get away, and happened to break a few records in the process. It's a wonder all Cromford's residents aren't in boats at the worlds end, up mountains or in space. It's no Mansfield.

Apparently she listened to Dido for the whole trip - to give her motivation. Good thinking. If I were stuck in a confined space listening to Dido then it would definitely give me the motivation to get to wherever I was going faster.

I'm only surprised it didn't give her the motivation to throw herself overboard and be done with it.

One of her sponsors, BT, have taken advertisements out in some of todays papers, boasting that they kept her in touch with the world.

Great for her. They can keep contact with a small boat as it circumnavigates the globe but can't pinpoint within 8 hours when an engineer will visit my house.

Not that good are they?