Monday, January 31, 2005

Sound of the crowd


The sound stopped the conversation in it's tracks.

I'd answered the phone a couple of minutes earlier to be greeted with a recruitment agency who had 'just the perfect opportunity for me'.

He was just in the process of selling to me the benefits of using his agency when this sound brought a reality to the picture he was trying to paint.

It definitely wasn't me, I'd have been proud of it, wanting a round of applause or something. It was one of those really deep belly ones. I used to play football with a guy who could be heard for miles making this sound.

The sound definitely wasn't him too, although it did come from his end of the phone.

It threw him off guard, he started stuttering and spluttering and the sure, smooth orator of seconds before had turned into a verbal mess. He was very embarassed.

"I'm really ermm sorry about that Watski" he stuttered, and tried to continue as before. He couldn't.

Clearly riled, I could sense the need to say something building up in him.

"Just bear with me a minute" he eventually said, and put me on hold.

I had the mental image of him wringing someones neck before washing his hands, splashing his face with water, adjusting his tie, taking a deep breath and returning to the call a minute or so later.

"Sorry about that" he said, a minute or so later.

Almost immediately I heard the sound of an ambulance pass by at his end.

I'm sure it was just coincidence.