Friday, January 28, 2005

Black and White

The Football Association have binned thousands of DVD's celebrating the best 50 English players since the war after protestations that no black players were included.

They've finally gone mad.

Maybe there haven't been that many good black players since the war.

The only black players I can think of that could possibly be included are Paul Ince, Viv Andersen, John Barnes, Sol Campbell, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Ian Wright and probably John Barnes. And the only player there that I could make a case for inclusion would have been John Barnes... and that's because he was the least rubbish. Maybe 5 or 10 more years for Ferdinand and Campbell.

It's like complaining of no white players being included in the Greatest West Indian cricketers of all time dvd.

They've now remade the dvd and included several black players. Surely that's worse.

The whole place is barmy.

Everyone's gone mad.

Except me.

Sorry for the football post.