Friday, April 29, 2005

Oh woe is me

Frustrated of encountering roaringly amusing moments in the life of Watski, then totally forgetting them, I purchased a little note book a few weeks ago in which I planned to write little prompting scribbles, from which I would then be able to refer to and aid me in regaling you good people with countless funny stories and anecdotes.

I appreciate this might be against the rules of blogging and am prepared to take whatever punishment comes my way.

However, this little notebook (or 'notie' as I'd christened it - to myself that is, mentioning 'notie' out loud would have had me labelled as funny farm material amidst those that didn't already think that I was), has gone and lost itself. I haven't lost it, I don't lose things - they lose themselves, of their own accord.

Now I have nothing to write about.

You don't know how unlucky you are.