Tuesday, April 12, 2005

You have to kiss a few frogs......

So, Watski has asked me to put something on his blog, mind you, I wasn’t sure, he did ask me ages ago then it went quiet so I thought he must have thought better of it!

Our last conversation went something like this..
Watski’s mum “Have a good holiday, make sure you use a high sun factor cream, love you”.
Watski’s reply, “ I will if I get this flight sorted out before I die……….

So what do I talk about, do you really want to hear the ramblings of a fifty something….very early fifties I hasten to add!
I feel like the teenager who has been left in charge of her parent’s house on the phone to her friends……”Whew, I never thought he’d go, when I can find the drink do you want to come over for a party, we can play the music really loud, and don’t forget the fags but if you’ve got anything else…..! Then we can go in the garden and frighten all the frogs away.
Or we can have a cosy evening and talk about things you don’t like to in front of your parents…..like SEX.

I’ve decided to join an online dating agency as all my friends are married so no longer want to go out on the pull! Well they probably do, but it would be very hard to explain to their spouse if they arrived home with a body in tow.
“Oh instead of the two for one drinks the pub had another brilliant offer, spend £20 and get to take this gorgeous specimen home for the night!”

Watski Jnr said I ought not to put my real age as I look about 10 years younger than I am (I put this down to my mum’s marvellous genes, she’s 70 and doesn’t look a day over 50) and if I didn’t I’d get replies from boring sad old men in their late 50’s and 60’s looking for a housemaid to look after them till they pop their clogs!

But I didn’t listen, and guess what?

Yep, all the old men have replied in their droves.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can hardly be ageist at my age, but what happens to men when they reach their 50’s? Since my husband and I went our separate ways I’ve had dates, most of them being with men a lot younger than me, and I’ve enjoyed their company, their vibrancy, their ambition, their zest for life…and then I’ve been out with a couple of men my age, one a policeman and one a company director. You’d think I’d have loads of interesting conversations with them but no, all the talk was of when they can finally finish work and retire.

And what happens to men’s appearance as they get older? Why do they not look after themselves? I look with horror as I see photo after photo of Robin Cook look-alikes. Perhaps these men are really lovely and it’s perhaps shallow of me not to look past the initial photo, but come on, there’s got to be some kind of physical attraction.
I can’t be the only woman who will look at a photo of, say Brad Pitt and then one of Mickey Rourke and choose Brad, am I?

So anyway I went on a date last week.

With a 41 year old.

I had seen his photo and he looked very nice, and he’d seen mine and he’d contacted me and we’d emailed each other.
And as he walked in the pub I thought yes, he looks ok, had a nice beige top on, blue jeans and then as my eyes travelled down…


The search continues…….

im sure youre a good laugh really Robin...