Monday, April 18, 2005

Welcome back

Land back in England 6.30pm Sunday night - raining and cold.

Drive home - get stuck in traffic.

Arrive home at 10.30pm - thankful to go to bed after 24 hours awake.

Wake up 4am bolt upright - Thai breakfast time.

Wake up again at 7.30 pm and go for a shower - still raining.

Go to car - still raining, and now cold too.

Try to start car - battery flat.

Remembers convesation with CJ 5 minutes prior when we both left the house at the same time:

"Oh I've forgot my house keys, never mind - you'll be back before me"

Looks down at attire - still wearing shorts, t-shirt and flip flops.

Ring RAC - an hour and 15 minutes before they can get to me.

Consider saying:

'An hour and 15 minutes? I've got a blog to write you know - my audience need me. I've been away for 2 weeks. What's the chances of getting prioritised above lone women and women stranded with children? They get all the good deals anyway'

Realise audience probably give less of a shit than RAC.

Decide not to.

"Yes that's fine" I say instead.

See notepad and pen in car. Decide to write life story. An hour and 15 minutes should cover it.

Almost complete the word: "Bollocks" before the pen runs out.

Never mind. It's probably finished anyway.

Oh Lord - is this all you have in store for me?