Saturday, May 07, 2005

Here we g-opodo again

7th May 2005

Mr Simon Vincent
Chief Executive Officer
Opodo Limited
Hammersmith Embankment
W6 9RU

Dear Mr Vincent

I’m writing to you as a last resort, to hopefully resolve the farcical dance I am currently performing with your UK offshoot, who seem to be entirely bereft of any level of customer service worth the name.

I’d take you through the whole situation, but I’m really afraid that my blood pressure may ascend to the point of no return if I go through it with one more person from Opodo. So I’ve attached the correspondence for you to peruse at your leisure.

I appreciate that you may be a busy man but I do urge you to read it, there is no greater barometer of company perception than the views of a sharp end consumer, especially one with a valid complaint. And if that fails to sufficiently inspire you enough to become familiar with my case then perhaps the fact that I have also, as a last resort, exasperatingly sent this letter to British Trading Standards, The Office of Fair Trading, Capital Letters in The Guardian, A Question of Money in The Sunday Times and ATOL might tempt you to at least give it a glance.

The excruciatingly poor level of service I have received is all attached in chronological order for your delectation. All except details of the poor level of service I have received since my last email complaining about the poor level of service. Some people just never seem to get it do they?

The last email I wrote to Katie Powell (my 4th), dated the 19th April, was pretty damning, maybe it was too damning, but you have to understand that I wrote it less than 24 hours after returning from a holiday that Opodo did its best to sabotage with levels of incompetence previously unequalled. I’m only sorry that Roy Castle wasn’t around to adjudicate this World Record contender.

I’d expected some sort of swift resolution following this email, a phone call at least to tell me it was being dealt with, maybe an email back saying that someone was on the case, or even a letter of acknowledgement simply saying that my email had been received.


Still nothing! 3 weeks since I sent the most annoyed letter I have ever written.

So concerned was I that the email had become another victim of the email ether, that I have since called Opodo twice (my 19th and 20th call to them) to find out whether they have received it and if so, whether they are performing the established method of resolving consumer dissatisfaction, i.e, dealing with it.

Between me, you and the numerous other people I have copied this to Mr Vincent – as well as my website, I’m not entirely convinced that this is happening. The person who answered the second call (Friday 30th April) couldn’t have sounded more like it was the first time anyone had looked at it if she tried. She did say that someone was looking at it at that precise moment – maybe it was her. And that was still over a week ago. Maybe they are still looking at it. Who knows what’s happening anymore? I certainly don’t.

I’m hoping you do.

Please tell me you do Mr Vincent. Please tell me that the monkeys have an organ grinder.

I’ve given your company every opportunity to resolve this matter Mr Vincent, I’ve made 20 phone calls, being promised a return call almost every time but receiving 3 at the most. I’ve written 4 emails, receiving 1 reply which might just as well have contained the words ‘So what?’ in capital letters. I’ve even toyed with the idea of giving up, but the truth is that your company simply cannot be allowed to get away with treating consumers the way I have been treated.

Yours, suffering fools-a-plenty

PS. You’ll also be pleased to know that if you enter the words ‘Simon Vincent Opodo email’ into Google, then this letter comes up on the first page of results. You must be so proud.