Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hanging on the telephone

"Ring Ring" The house phone sang.

This morning.

At 6am.

Well it didn't sing it like that, but it rang - you know what I mean.

The trouble was that it was 6am. And I was asleep. 'Was' being the operative word.

As is usual with the house phone, I leave it to go onto the answerphone - anyone worth talking to will start leaving a message and if I want to talk to them then I can pick it up and do so.

"Beeeeeep" it said. Meaning that whoever wanted to speak to me had decided better of it and hung up. Either that or it was someone wanting to sell me something.

I rolled over, eager to get back to Britney.

I'd just started to snooze, when:

"Ring, Ring"

The phone rang again. I left it again.

This time the ringing was interrupted by a womans voice on the answerphone:

"Hello, I rang a few minutes ago - I just wanted to let you know I'd got the wrong number".

Oh good. Thanks for that.