Monday, August 22, 2005

They just dont get it.

Old Mugabe is in trouble again. Bet he's quaking in his boots.

Human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, worsening from an already lower than low point before the decision to remove 700,000 people from their homes, are now at such a level that the British government has decided to act at last.

'Wahey', I hear you cry. 'What will be their punishment for this effective genocide of his own people we constantly are reading about? How will our goverment help these poor people? Please tell us Watski and make it quick'

Will the UN be deployed? Will tougher sanctions be instilled on an already starving population? Will a rogue leader be ousted in a US/UK funded internal revolt to help world peace? Will we go the whole hog and 'booooomb the bastards' Kenny Everett style?

Not quite.

Jack Straw has written a strong letter to the ICC asking for Zimbabwe to be banned from cricket.

That'll show Mugabe. You don't mess with Britain otherwise this is what happens.

No laughing at the back.