Friday, July 02, 2004

Roo do you think you are?

Its happening already. Rooney madness is here.

I read last week about a market stall holder in Mansfield who pretended to be called Wayne Rooney. I dont know why i should be surprised at this fact as fistly, Mansfield is my home town and secondly, actually the first one probably covers everything. It apparently started off as a wind up on his part, but got very quickly out of hand until he had to admit he'd made the whole thing up when faced with TV cameras.

The BBC and PA were apparently so impressed with how clever they were in finding a Wayne Rooney in Mansfield that they proceeded to interview him. No doubt they wanted to find his views on 3rd world debt, globalisation, Iraq, etc.

The thing that baffles me is that the BBC actually thought that the British general public would be the slightest bit interested in anything that a person with the same name as a famous footballer had to say.

Has news has got to such a sensationalist state in this country that this is considered newsworthy?. Why would anyone be interested in somebody called Wayne Rooneys views on anything unless it was the real Wayne Rooney and he was talking about football? This guys one and only marketable asset is the fact that he has the same name as somebody else. And he didnt even have that.

The BBC quickly became disinterested when it became apparent that Wayne Rooney wasnt Wayne Rooney. Which was lucky for everybody concerned if you ask me.