Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Car Wars II - The Return

As if to illustrate my point entirely. A few lorry drivers decide to have a bit of a coming together with a few cars on the M1 last night, fortunately they had the good sense to save it until I had completed my return journey. I imagine them looking at their watches waiting for me to scoot past, then giving the thumbs up for action.

After lots of screeching, smoke and crunching of metal the M1 resembled a battlefield and as a consequence was entirely closed from 7 last night, it isn't expected to open until lunchtime today.

The upside of this great drama is that I have not been able to get into work today. I'm not hacking my way up the country on backed up A roads, the real clincher for me not trying though was when one of the diversion routes was planned through Chesterfield. No thank you.

Long may the drivers of this country collide for my benefit.