Monday, September 20, 2004

Car Wars

Two and a half hours!! Two and a half bloody hours to get to work this morning!!

What is so wrong with people that they can't manage to drive a few yards without banging into one another. How hard is it to drive on the motorway without feeling the need to veer into another vehicle? It should be the easiest road to drive on, we're all going the same way.

And why do it on the busiest part of the day. If people have the need to fulfill an urge to crash headlong into another road user then they ought to at least be considerate enough to do it at night when there aren't as many people about.

Maybe they do it on purpose.

"You know what Maureen, I'm feeling especially mischievous today, I think I might nip on the M1, drive into a lorry and cause a big jam. I'll have my dinner when I get back. See you later"

Or is it a new form of global terrorism? 'Reckless car-drivers', with the sole aim of grinding the highways and by-ways of this country to a standstill.

Can't they set up their own clubs to do this? I'm sure there are other like minded individuals around to be able to start a new past-time, the stock car racing fraternity would welcome them with open arms.

It wouldn't be so bad, but the bump was on the other side of the road. Yet my side had the queue. Then two cars on my side of the road became so enamoured with the crash on the other side of the road that they drove into each other in a selfless, empathetic act that brought a tear to my eye and a curse to my lips.

What is so spectacular about two cars bumping together that people feel they owe it themselves to slow themselves and everybody else down to have a look.