Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Alternative Olympics

As I've mentioned before in these lines, I'm quite enjoying watching the Olympics. Or actually, I enjoy watching the Olympics when the Brits are in something, so Im guessing that the actual time I spend watching the Olympics will begin to diminish as we get through the rest of this week.

Arent there some god awful sports represented though? Dressage for example, horse training in other words. Sailing, not much happening there either. Archery, shooting - a bit boring too. I think you get the idea. With so many periphary sports I cant help thinking that they ought to make some of them a little more exciting.

Maybe swimming would have that added bite if a crocodile was loose in the pool or maybe a bunch of piranhas, box jellyfish or similar ilk. Imagine being interviewed after the race with your arm falling off. That would get them moving a bit quicker. Judo could take place on a floor of marbles.

Sailing would have a little extra interest if holes were drilled into the boats and the one that got round the furthest before sinking was the winner. The marathon runners could have pot shots taken at them from snipers hidden on the top floors of kebab houses. 1500 metre runners would have to run backwards and pole vaulters would have big springs on the end of their poles.

Archery would generate more viewers if they had to fire at apples on their coaches heads. And what about if the hockey was taking place on the same field that they were throwing the hammer and javelin. Its the way forward Im telling you.

All this would definitely get me more interested.