Friday, August 27, 2004


My friend Jake isnt one for splashing his money around, he's very prudent. He lives with the lovely Karen and CJ and I were invited round there the other Friday night for drinks and something to eat.

During the night the subject of Karens impending birthday was brought up in conversation, it was the following Monday and Jake hadnt as yet got her anything. His argument of them just buying a house was treated with the contempt it deserved.

Karen had got her eye on a £160 handbag from John Lewis which she proceeded to describe and then subtley provide directions to once you were in the shop.

Jake coughed a bit at this, but the level had been set, there was no way he was going to get away with not buying this handbag now it had been mentioned. Especially as it was out it the open in front of his friends. Failure to get this present would mean punishment on so many levels. Karen had been clever. Jake had been weak.

His life would not be worth living if he failed to provide this gift for his wonderful partner and he would end up spending far more than the original £160 in levelling the ground once Karen realised it was bath salts and not a handbag in the wrapping paper. He might as well just do it. For an easy life.

"You aren't getting anything else if I spend £160 though" he asserted. Karen said nothing.

The following day CJ and I offered to go into town to motivate and help Jake, whilst Karen continued her solo attempt at the IKEA visits record. First stop was John Lewis where we followed the directions given the previous night and before long found the handbag as described.
The price on it was £110, not the £160 as stated. Jakes face lit up. There was a similar one next to it that was £160 though, but it wasnt as close to Karens description as the one at £110 was. So we bought it and Jake was so pleased at saving £50, he even ventured:

"seeing as we've saved some money, we can go and buy the other things that Karen has mentioned in the past week"

All in all, Jake went mad, spending around £200 in total.

On her birthday Karen was very pleased with her abundance of presents, especially when she told Jake that he needed to go back and swop the handbag for the more expensive one as the handbag he had brought might have been cheaper, but it was the wrong one and not really what she wanted.

"But thanks for extra presents, you really are a darling. I thought you weren't buying anything else" She smirked.