Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Chart Attack

As far as I can remember, single is another word for 'one', couple means 'two' and few generally means more than two.

So therefore, if I am told that there is a 'couple' of something then I am well within my rights to expect there to be two of them, three at the most, allowing for a slight underestimation.

Clarifying that little conundrum I can now say with some justification: 'Couple' of charts my arse.

My boss has got some explaining to do, when he returns from hiding. He sent me a real hospital pass this morning, well it was sent last night but I didn't know until this morning how much of a hospital pass it was until I saw the flashing lights when I realised that the charts I had to talk about weren't stopping after the 'couple' that he said were there. There in fact, seems to be around 15 charts here - surely there's been some mistake. 15 has never been close to a 'couple', unless there are 7 couples....and a random single.

Last night he asked me last night if I would mind taking his place in presenting a 'couple' of charts of data to a group of about 25 people first thing this morning. I don't know the subject area well enough to answer lots of questions but I can decipher charts, blag with the best of them and wondered just how difficult it would be, hey it's only "a couple of charts" after all.

I'm not sure what's worse, having 15 charts to present on something that I know very little about or knowing that I've been scammed.

No wonder he's not about.