Monday, October 25, 2004

Things that go ring in the night...

Bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz.

My mobile phone, which also doubles up as my alarm clock was buzzing at the side of the bed. There were 2 problems with it buzzing, the first was that it was 2.19am and the alarm wasn't set to go off as it was Saturday morning, the second and far worse problem was that the display informed me that Watski Jnr was trying to make contact with me.

A missed call from Watski Jnr at 2.19am could normally only mean one of two things: 1 - he was drunk and was ringing to tell me how drunk he was, how drunk everyone he was out with was, how rubbish I was for not being drunk with him and how drunk he was again in case I didn't remember the first time he told me, or that he'd forgotten his key and that I'd locked him out.

Stop me if you've heard this one before, as Morrissey once said.

Well I'm guessing that's how the story went anyway, as I slept through the phone buzzing this time and if I had heard it and found that he was locked out then I couldn't do too much about it as I was at CJ's house. And I'm not Morrissey.

There was a third way apparently though. This missed call from Watski Jnr was telling me that the burglar alarm was going off at my house, that it had woken him up, that all the upstairs lights weren't working and that he couldn't switch it off. And it had been going off for 30 mins, probably waking the neighbours too.

Divine retribution works very quickly these days don't you think? It was only Thursday that i'd submitted the form to the man upstairs.

"Something must have tripped then" I said. Suddenly becoming an expert in electricity.

"Have a look at the fuse box and see if one of the switches is down" I was scaring myself. Where was this knowledge when the burglar alarm needed putting in in the first place?

"Yeah, one of them is down. Oh yeah, and now the alarm is working. Oh Good."

"Any other problems you need solving by the flick of a switch?"