Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Not a Bob

In an interview last night on the excellent 5live, Juliet Melby from the Christian Aid charity was talking about Tony Blair’s visit to Ethiopia as part of his 'Commission for Africa' tour.

She was asked how Bob Geldof, the shaggy haired famine trumpet blower extraordinaire, co-founder of Live Aid and instigator of millions of pounds of relief pouring Africa’s way in the mid-80's, was thought of in Africa.

She replied with the bombshell (to Bob anyway) that not that many people had really heard of him and he was much less famous than someone like, say, David Beckham.

Well, you go and do a good turn and what do you get in return? Nothing. Not even a thank you. What’s Beckham ever done for Ethiopia? Ungrateful buggers.

You'd have thought that there would at least have been a Geldof Avenue in Abbas Ababa or something, possibly a plane or a wind named after him, maybe a plethora of young lads now aged about 20 could have been christened Bob or Midge in tribute.

Would it have been too much trouble to ask that 'Banana Republic' or 'I Don’t Like Mondays' were a permanent fixture on the Ethiopia FM playlist? Or do they now conform to the 'Music from the 80's, 90's and today'?

I know 'Do they Know it's Christmas' was a bit rubbish and grated after a while but I bet Bob’s now wondering whether the time and effort could have been better spent on his marriage