Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Teeth stop play

"Stop being such a baby, let me have a look" CJ says for the hundredth time.

"No, you'll hurt it. I just want to lie down here in peace until it goes away. I might sleep." I counter.

Suddenly a third voice joins the fray.

*No you wont, the last thing you'll be doing is sleeping - and I'm not going anywhere, not until I've made your life hell anyway*

My toothache had joined the conversation.

I've got toothache, or gum ache to be more specific. And it's sore. It's about the third time this year that it's happened and it's becoming increasingly regular. I've self diagnosed it and the prognosis is to avoid the dentists.

I haven't been to the dentist for quite a few years anyway, since late teens to be precise, for reasons that I actually don't really know. I think I just missed an appointment and then never re-booked it. I suppose it's one of those things that you never get round to, and because nothing adverse has happened in the meantime then there's no real reason to get round to it. Maybe it is just me blessed with this special type of apathy.

I dont really know if I'm afraid of dentists as I haven't been in such a while.

But now it's different - I have a need to go but it's a vicious circle - I dont go because I dont want them to tell me that there's something seriously wrong, but the longer I leave it the more likely it is that something serious will happen. And the more likely it is that I will develop a serious fear of them. So for the moment, I'm not so much afraid of dentists, I'm afraid of what they might tell me.

If I can go in, they sort it there and then in total silence then I could just about bear it, but I dont want the lecture and I dont want the long drawn out repeat treatments.

So I'm not going, I'm going to sit this bugger out. Come hell, high water, sleep deprivation or painful death. Bonjela and paracetamol will see me through the long nights.

It needs to go soon though as I'm rapidly using up all my reserves of goodwill. I can't be grumpy for a second night running or there's a chance that CJ will trap my head in the door.

And if there are any horror stories in the comments box then I'll send Shrub round to do some random shooting.