Friday, September 24, 2004

Kenneth Bigley

Whatever we do today, we all can't fail to be moved by the situation with Kenneth Bigley. It's hard to imagine being in a worse situation than this poor man and his family.

Imagine being in his situation for a second, then imagine it being for a week that he has been subjected to this ordeal, imagine the mental torture he is suffering at the moment. Imagine what is going through his head knowing that he could suffer a horrifying death at the whim of these people any second, imagine being in a situation where you are faced with death, imagine not knowing if the 'click' you always hear is an impending gunshot, imagine that your very being depends on other people, imagine wanting one last second with your family and not being able to have it.

Imagine the hell that his family are going through, imagine the stress and the strain, imagine them wanting to let him know that they love him and are with him, imagine not being able to get that message through, imagine how they are feeling as hope slips by, imagine how helpless they feel, imagine how you'd feel if a loved ones life was being played out to the watching world, imagine how it feels to have the life of a loved one dependent on people who are sleeping at night, imagine how it feels to have your loved one stripped of any dignity.

Its unimaginable.

If these people believe that what they are doing is right and Gods will then why wear balaclavas to hide their indentity? If, in some perverted way it is Gods will then they should be proud to be associated with carrying it out.

Hiding their faces to protect themselves from being identified shows that these people know they aren't carrying out God's will and shows them for what they really are: cowards and criminals.