Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ferry Sad

The ex-wife of singer Bryan Ferry has vowed "to bring the government down" after being sentenced for her part in last weeks Fox-hunting riots.

Tony Blair is reportedly quaking in his boots, and it's no wonder - this is an excerpt from Wednesdays morning meeting with his secretary:

"So what have we got this morning then?"

"Well Prime Minister, there's the Kenneth Bigley situation, there's the Iraq crisis, PM's question time, education, health, relations with the US....oh and Bryan Ferry's ex-missus has vowed to bring the government down".

"You what? This is serious. Cancel all my meetings, move to code red and man the lifeboats"

There seems to be no stopping this woman.

"We can bring this government down. Brighton is next. We will keep fighting" She slurred.

Quite what Brighton has done to incur her wrath is anyones guess. I hope the people of Brighton are prepared. Who knows who will be next?

If she's really serious about bringing the government down then she's going to have to do 'more than this' and step up her campaign I reckon, which so far consists of the very serious offence of parking her car on a street and refusing to move it. A tactic guaranteed to get straight to the heart of any government. Rumours are that singing with loud voices might be the next tactic or co-ordinated wax jacket wearing.

It's no wonder her son is such a loon, I bet Bryans glad they didn't 'stick together'.