Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Lazy bum

I'm willing to be proved wrong here. And that's not something you hear me say often apparently, so CJ says. But she's wrong..

..I have seen a contender for 'laziest arse ever' tonight. We have quite a few examples in Mansfield alone, so all you wannabee Mansfields ought to get into shape.

Anyway, this man..or woman, I didn't see what gender they were although I'd guess this behaviour would be male typical, had parked the car on a grass verge of the country lane I use for the last stretch of my journey home, and was sat in the car with the window down holding the dog lead out of the window 'exercising' the dog.

He had even parked on the other side of the road, facing the oncoming traffic so that he wouldn't be inconvenienced by having to move to the passenger seat. The best thing was that he'd got a fag on too.

There was no rain, the weather was perfectly clement for the time of year. The bloke was just being lazy, the poor dog probably wondered what was happening. Maybe it doesn't get taken out very often so was glad of the treat.

Hope the dog peed on his wheels and wiped its bits on the seat. Lazy arse.