Monday, January 17, 2005

Double Take

"Can't we just stay in and get a DVD and a takeaway. I'm really tired"

By the silence I could sense that this wasn't the reply CJ wanted to her suggestion of going out. She'd had her nails done, and as a consequence wanted to do what all girls do when endowed with something new: go out and show it off.

I say nails 'done' - apparently having nails done means having about 100 layers of nail varnish applied to each nail until they're hard enough to use as DIY tools.

"Ooooh you're really boring you are. We never go out" I was right, my suggestion hadn't met with her approval.

"We do, we went out last Saturday night, the Saturday night before that, the one before that and all over Christmas. We go out all the time" I retorted. We did too.

"Yes but we never go out just me and you"

This bit was fairly true, we generally go out with friends. I like having people about. I'm a sociable kinda guy. Having people around sort of makes a night out. But I was beginning to feel guilty and had to respond.

"Ok, get yourself ready and come over here. I'll book a table somewhere and we'll go out" I gave in. Beaten. It was either give in now or give in later, either way I was going to give in.

So she did and we did.

"Why do we never go out, you're getting really boring you are" Came the familiar cry of the hard done to woman. I thought I was having flashbacks.

It was the couple on the next table to us. Then followed the very same conversation that CJ and I had had an hour prior.

It must have been the night for it.