Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Idiot alert

Running through the car park at work at 8.59am this morning I was relieved that I was going to be just about on time for our 9.00 team meeting rather than the 10 or 20 minutes late that it could have been.

Why, no matter what time you set off do you always need another 10 minutes? I do anyway.

I waited for the gap in the revolving door (I wasn't getting caught out by that again no matter how late I was) and ran up the stairs 2 steps at a time, I fumbled for my access card, threw my things down at my desk, picked my samples up from the fridge and ran back down stairs to the meeting room.

It was our regular monthly team meeting, the first part of which is a competitor review where we bring samples of other suppliers products in and talk about them. I was pleased because a) I'd actually done it for the first time in months and b) I'd picked some decent stuff up.

The meeting door was closed as I walked down the corridor, I opened it and walked through. The room was full of around 15-20 people all sat down chatting to each other.

Total silence fell as I sat down and fumbled around in my carrier bag on the floor. I pulled the samples out, plonked them on the table and started talking about them, looking round the room and catching people's eyes as I was talking.

A minute or so later I was rudely stopped in my tracks:

"Watski, that's all err very nice, but, err your meeting has been cancelled - this is the budget meeting"

As I was being told this the reality hit me that there were only a few members of my team in the meeting but that there were also a lot of people who aren't in my team that were sat around the table. I'd only seen the people I'd expected to be there when I was talking.

Then proceeded the longest 30 seconds of my life as I sheepishly put my things together and shuffled out of the room, looking forward to being the object of office amusement for the foreseeable future.