Friday, February 11, 2005

Brit of a mistake

I didn't watch the Brits. As much as I wanted to.

I am banned from going within 30 yards of any member of Girls Aloud, after that episode in HMV and the subsequent police warning, and being in front of a television when they happen to be on counts.

But I did notice whilst searching for pictures that Sir Bob had been chosen this year for the 'outstanding contribution for music' award.

It's an award that sounds good on the CV but the gloss will get taken off it slightly when he realises that Tom Jones and the Spice Girls were given the same award in years gone by and that they'd rather give it to Elton John twice before thinking of him.

A few weeks ago Sir Bob said that he was tired of being 'Mr Bloody Africa'. Well I have to say to you Sir Bob, if you are reading these inspirational pages - and it's understandable if you are, that if it wasn't for Bloody Africa then the only thing you'd be remembered for would be that weird trio thing with Paula Yates and Michaal Hutchence and songs about bananas, so thank god those Ethiopians came along when they did eh?.

The only outstanding contribution I can think of that the Boomtown Rats and Sir Bob have made to music in the last 25 years is that they haven't made any.

Definitely worthy of acknowledgement. Well done Sir Bob. Truly deserved.