Thursday, March 31, 2005


Well you'll be glad to know that the situation is now sorted. You can extinguish all candles.

As much as I was enjoying this email 'duel' with Opodo it wasn't actually getting me anywhere and getting anything sorted - especially as the duel was frustratingly all one way due to their inability to respond.

So I decided to bite the bullet and ring them again, something I was previously determined not to do.

I got as far as being on hold when I got another incoming call.

I answered.

It was Lisa. You know, Lisa. You do - you know her. The one who started all this. If ever you speak to Opodo in the future, please do me a favour and ask to speak to Lisa.

Apparently she'd been off sick yesterday, which I thought I'd copyrighted as my excuse for not calling people back - must check that. Obviously Lisa is the only person who works at Opodo - which would fit.

To cut a very boring conversation very short - it was as easy just being booked on another flight 5 minutes earlier, which apparently the airline had suggested themselves only last week.

Why it took a week to pass this message on is anyones guess.

I'm still waiting for an email confirmation of this conversation and arrangements, which judging by previous form, should be here around the time I get back. And I still haven't heard from their customer service at all yet. So they'll be on my hit list - which is not where you'd want to be after a morning of The Smiths on i-tunes.

But the sum total of all that is that I am off - for a few weeks only. Dont be too sad, I'll be back soon. I don't want flowers or anything on the route to Heathrow, please.

In the meantime Jake will be babysitting my blog, along with Young Watski and my Mother, if they can be bothered to write anything.

Jake's a bit boring and can waffle about rubbish a bit, so you shouldn't notice too much difference - it should, in fact be seamless.

There are a couple of rules to abide by when reading Jake:

1) Don't believe anything he says
2) Don't believe anything he does
3) Don't believe anything he says he does
4) Don't believe anything he says he's done

That should pretty much keep you in good stead.

Just make sure he keeps you entertained in the style to which you are accustomed.

Hard I know.

Goodbye - or as they say in Thailand: "You want to see ping pong show Sir?"