Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Adventures in the rain

Well, JonnyB certainly laid the red carpet out for us this weekend didn't he? I was beginning to wonder what I'd done or said wrong for him to be inspired to run to the top of Norfolks highest peak Kate Bush style and re programme his weather machine dials to: 'piss it down' and 'all weekend' as soon as he heard we were coming his way.

Setting off in bright sunshine from the normally gloomy midlands on Friday, CJ and I were looking forward to a nice weekend of camping in Norfolk with maybe a bit of walking, and maybe some bike riding. Ooooh how nice it would be. Heh, more fool us - we had no idea as to the welcome awaiting us. No sooner were we putting the finishing touches to the tent last thing on Friday afternoon then the first spots of rained appeared like magic from the sky and accompanied us the last few steps of the way.

"What you doing?" The spots of rain appeared to be saying to me

"Looks like he's putting the tent up - shall we hang around for a while?" The rest of the rain came and said.

"Who are you talking to?" CJ said.

I may be daft, but I'm not daft enough to tell her that I'm talking to rain. Now that would be daft.

"Err, the rain" I replied. Lying was futile - I would only have been found out anyway, and lying and talking to the rain aren't good.

I didn't hear what she said next. And didn't want to ask. I don't think I would have liked it. Or even understood it.

Anyway... Raining for a while? Try all bloody weekend. And when it wasn't raining - which happened conveniently to be in the middle of the night, the heavier drips would then fall from the tree we had pitched under, onto the tent to make an even louder sound than the rain itself.

To rain or not to rain - that is the question.

Luckily CJ's parents had a caravan, which was dry, and where we squatted for most of the non sleeping hours. But when kicking out time came, it was almost like putting 2 cats out for the night, at which point we'd mooch and mutter our way along to a cold tent to have our sleep continually interrupted by rain, drips and cold floors.

Not content with that little endurance test, Norfolk had another surprise in store just for me in the form of cold showers in the male shower cubicles. Much to the amusement of CJ, whose own shower cubicles came equipped with steaming hot water. It was like being back at school again, doing the cold shower hop.

Sunday evening, after a throughly miserable weekend where the rain did not stop for one minute, we decided to cut our losses, pack up and head back home.

Norfolk. Bugger off!!