Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Land problem

Is it reasonable to expect, after leaving the lawn mower on in the middle of the lawn for a period of 10 minutes, that all the wildlife residing in the immediate vicinity is aware of my intention to mow said lawn, and should be taking in the process of taking evasive action if they haven't already done so?

So, therefore, any accidental culling of the any of the aforementioned wildlife population reckless enough to still be residing in the lawn after this 10 minute hiatus, is actually their own fault and shouldn't be on my conscience at all?

Good. Glad we've got that sorted.

I feel like I've got my own little Israeli - Palestinian conflict happening in my own back yard. I'm cast as the bad guy for bulldozing my way through land I see as mine with my big bladed machine and all they want to do is live in the land they've adopted as their own.

Although that's probably trivialising the issue a lot. The frogs wont be happy with that.