Thursday, May 26, 2005

The righteous one..

The bus sounded his horn at the group of lads standing talking half-on, half-off the road as the driver tried to negotiate a tight bend in the town centre. Their position in the narrow street wasn't helping the situation at all.

One of the lads took umbrage at this public affront to his manliness and duly acknowledged the driver with a hand signal that wasn't too friendly.

The bus driver also took offence at this and stopped, opened the door and confronted them.

I couldn't hear too much of the conversation but the angry, contorted, spitting face of the young lad told me that he wasn't wishing the driver bon voyage.

As I walked past, the driver closed the door and carried on his journey. I heard the lad say

'yeah, that's fucking right - drive on or I'll do ya!'.

I really wanted to say:

'look, what's the problem here? You were standing talking needlessly on the main road through town, a bus driver carrying passengers couldn't get past as you were in the way so he rebuked you gently to alert you of the presence of a multi tonne vehicle heading in your direction and to ask you to step out of the way before you got hurt'

'You seem to have took this request as an affront to your cavemanic pride and thanked the driver for this warning with a volley of abuse that really wasn't warranted'

But I didn't say this. Firstly, because I'm not sure he would have understood the majority of the words I used, and secondly because I didn't fancy getting 'burberry'd' to death with text words by the baseball cap wearing orangutans.

So I shook my head slightly at the youth of today in the condascending way that I seem to have acquired in my 30's, and tutted my way back to the car park, running across the main road as I did so. One car obviously thought I was taking too much of a risk in doing this and hooted me ever so slightly.

I was never in any danger and my sub-conscious must have known this too as I instinctively turned in the direction of the sound.

I was just about to give them the finger when luckily I remembered just how righteous I am nowadays.