Friday, June 03, 2005

I hate work

Also replicated here. Which should save you some shit blog reading time on a busy Friday.

I hate work. Work's shit.

Which is a strange view to have as the reality of my situation is that l'm not doing much of it at the moment - I'm having a sabbatical. So there's not much 'work' to hate as such. But I remember hating work when I did work, so I pretty much expect that I'd still hate it if I still worked.

And other people I talk to who work, hate work, so the trend for hating work doesn't seem to have diminished since the time that I was at work and hated it.

Work shouldn't be allowed. We should actually get paid for not working. Which I'm sure brings it's own problems, but nothing that will stop me pissing about on t'internet I hope.

Being paid for not working would turn the tables on it's head a bit. And put those smug buggers who trill about how they love going to work in a bit of a quandry. How can you love going to work?

Smug fuckers. Let's see how much you love it now that I'm being paid to sit on my arse.

But, alas, 'twill never happen.

So I will continue to hate work. Without working.