Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wasting away

CJ appears to have purchased some magic scales.

In addition to telling you your body fat, body mass, H2O levels and horoscope for the next year it also seems to have the added benefit of informing you that you weigh as much as you want to.

On Saturday when she purchased them I weighed 12 stone 6, on the Sunday morning after a heavy night and a Chinese I weighed 12 stone 2, and on Monday I weighed 11 stone 12. I daren't weigh myself again as there may be a chance that I'll be less than I was at birth.

Almost half a stone lost in 3 days. Please send me money and I'll let you into the secrets of the Watski - 'Get pissed and have a take away diet'. There will be a video out soon.

I am now going to take this opportunity to bid farewell to you all as I am on a fast track to wasting away to nothing.