Friday, July 23, 2004

Dont phone home

Most of the mobile phone carrying population of the Nigerian capital Lagos appear to have gone ever so slightly mad.  

There is a rumour sweeping the place that suggests that if a certain number rings their mobile phones and they answer it, then it will blow up and kill them.  

It's not the first time they've fallen for something like this either.  They fell for a rumour before where they believed that shaking the hands of certain people would make some of their vital organs disappear.  Like their brains with the sounds of it, if they had some.  Some people were hunted down and killed as a result.  Can you imagine the scene at the pearly gates:

"Hello son, and what reason brings you here?" 
"I was killed in Nigeria sir"
"Crikey (for i guess God might have spoken with a Nottinghamshire accent, its my blog and i do what i like right?),  That's unlucky, how did that happen?"
"Well some people thought that some of their insides had disappeared after i shook their hands........ God.......................God"
"(wiping tears of laughter from his eyes) That is a joke right?"
"I wish it was Sir"
"Christ, ooops sorry, taking my own name in vain there.  Unlucky bugger, go on then, go through the gates.  Guards, give this man a room with an Eden view - i think he deserves it"

The Nigerians apparently are a very superstitious race, which could make for a bit of fun if you were that way inclined, and they're superstitious enough to make everyone frightened stiff of answering their phone for fear of having their listening ear taken off.  Which would be a problem,  as you will understand.  Especially if they wear glasses.

So dont expect your favourite Nigerian relative to be answering your calls for a few days.