Sunday, July 18, 2004

Britain, THE place to play sport?

Watching a bit of the golf this weekend i heard a few times the comment that The Open is THE golf tournament, THE one that everyone wants to win, THE most special one. 
I've also heard similar comments made about Wimbledon, also that the FA Cup means so much to people across the globe and I used to hear it mentioned that playing at the old Wembley stadium was the pinnacle of any players career.   Lords is also said to be the home of cricket, St Andrews the home of Golf, Ascot the home of Horse Racing, Frimley Green for Darts and the Crucible for Snooker.   Rugby was invented in err Rugby.
You've probably got just about every major sport around that Britain has claimed as its own, even though we arent that good at them anymore.    Is there a swimming pool or hockey pitch or Netball court that i havent mentioned either?
It got me thinking whether or not this outlook was actually the generally accepted opinion or whether it was just our British way of thinking that our way is the best way.  Maybe the foreign sportsmen make these suggestions as a way of getting home support on their side.