Saturday, July 17, 2004

Catstick 3

Read Catstick and Catstick 2 first for full perspective.
We have a dilemma, CJ and I.  I could easily abdicate responsibility and say that it's only CJ that has the dilemma but i am currently a main player in the story.  Knowing the kind of person I am, I probably will end up doing the former though. 
The dilemma surrounds the bombshell that new cats owner (CJ's next door neighbour) has sold his house.   It was certainly a surprise as we didnt even know it was up for sale, how dare he not tell us. 
From our lookout position behind the curtains we'd already deduced that he lives alone, he works away in the week and he only returns at the weekend.  And that he has a cat which is fond of beef and meowing.   The house sale seems to be moving pretty quickly as last weekend he moved lots of furniture from the house. 
We assumed that new cat was among that little lot and felt a little sad, err i mean CJ felt a little sad that she didnt have chance to say goodbye to her friend, and not a little bitter that new cat didnt come to bid farewell and give thanks for the company and beef - I comforted CJ by reasoning that new cat probably only had 2 minutes or so to say goodbye to her friends and went to say goodbye to all the other houses that we're feeding her.  I think those words of wisdom helped. 
The familiar sound of cat meowing at back door greeted CJ on her return from work on Tuesday.   New cat was sat there as though nothing had happened.  She had either not been taken or had escaped from her new dwelling and returned, spurred on by the thought of fridge dried beef and ham.   We knew that the place the owner was moving to has a couple of rather large, angry dogs and this reality would spur any cat on to hide in the engine of a passing lorry.
Without knowing the situation fully, self appointed investigator Watski and sidekick CJ deduced that the next door neighbour doesnt really want new cat, he would have taken her with him if he did.  And its a fair bet that the dogs certainly wouldnt want new cat, not even to accompany their lunch.    So theres a better than even chance that new cat might end up at a home for cats that people dont want anymore. 
With the thought of this ringing in her mind CJ blatantly broke Rule 2 of casual cat ownership:  Do Not Buy Food For The Cat,  when having emptied the fridge of cat friendly meat products CJ took it upon herself to add a bit of cat food to the weekly shopping.  New cat certainly enjoyed that and thanked us by staying longer and meowing louder.   Although i'm sure she'll suss the 'putting treats just outside the back door to tempt the cat to leave the house' trick before long. 
Rule 1:  Do Not Feed At All was broken within minutes, nay seconds of first meeting new cat.
CJ was quite happy with the relationship as it was before, new cat popped in for tea and sympathy then popped out again.  A pet without the responsibility.   New cat was quite happy with the arrangement too - until it was time to go.  She didnt like that.  But the emotional bond was getting tighter with each broken rule.   
I had broached the subject of new cat ownership a few weeks ago and asked whether CJ would like to keep new cat if there was a chance, CJ responded by saying that she was happy with the relationship as it was as she didnt have a responsibility.   CJ and new cat were both as fickle as each other.
But now the situation has changed and thats where the dilemma comes in:  CJ doesnt really want a cat to keep, but she doesnt like the thought of new cat going to a home for ugly cats or a home full of dogs with teeth.   There is also the chance that the neighbour does actually want to keep new cat and has everything sorted out, in which case everything will be ok. 
But who knows.