Saturday, July 24, 2004

Search Me!

My life is complete,  I've achieved what i set out to do.   Although i might not have known it before i achieved it. 

I've noticed through the web referrals thingy that keeps sending my template widths all over the place (who'd have thought 2 months ago that I would know what a template width was, never mind include it in a piece of writing) that some visitors to this site are coming via Google searches.  It appears that this blog is being linked to by the Grand Master Google.  Is this a good thing?  God knows what they're searching for - "absolute shite" probably.  I bet i'm No.1 on that list. 

I suppose i was going to get linked sooner or later with all the rambling I do.  I must have at least one of all the phrases known to man among these lines.  Perhaps its a sign to tell me to shut up, or write less.

My work here is done.  I must rest and reflect.  Go back to your families.