Friday, August 20, 2004

Sun crazed..

I'd noticed something a little different about CJ over the last week or so. She seems to be getting browner, as in more tanned.

I know the sun has shone periodically over the last few weeks, but not enough to bring the freckles out on her nose surely. I was puzzled.

"Is it me, or are you getting more tanned" I asked.

"Oh, I've been on the sunbed a couple of times - I didnt want to be white on the beach" She said.


And then I twigged. CJ is going on holiday with her friend at the end of this week to Ibiza. She has been preparing for a few post 90 degree days in August on the hot balearic island in her own inimitable style.... going on a sunbed!

"They do have sun at Ibiza you know" I said

"I know, but I dont want to be too white on the beach" she replied.

There are some things that I will never understand.