Thursday, August 19, 2004



I was really hoping this was a practical joke when I first spotted this out of the corner of my eye: a rubber spider, yes that's what it is.

It wasn't.

It's a good couple of inches diameter. Yes it is.

Dr DooWatski's home for creepy crawlies seems to be definitely open for business lately, even though I put the 'closed - and that means you!' sign on the door.

This wee beastie was seen making himself at home in my bath last night. What am I meant to do with it? I cant even shoo it out because it keeps falling down the sides. God knows where it came from.

I'm currently locked in the spare room and i've left the back door open. I hope he leaves of his own accord before the frogs spot their opportunity to come in again.

It's definitely worthy of Watski's first attempt at using photos on the blog.

Say "hurray Watski, photos - you're the greatest. We love you"


"Even though you're a big girl when it comes to creepy crawlies"

Hey, there was no need for that!
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