Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Plumbing the depths

On the subject of people not wanting to do jobs. How difficult is it to get a plumber to come and do an odd job nowadays?

As earlier readers will have garnered from my DIY post, I'm not blessed with a great amount of practicality. In fact, I'm rubbish. The shelves still aren't up by the way.

I could do with an outside tap putting on, I could spit more water than that which comes out of my hose when it's linked to an inside tap. Its getting embarassing coming last in the close's 'my hose squirts longer than yours' competition of a summers night. The neighbours talk about me. I'm an outcast.

I used to be someone, I want to hold my head up high in the garden again like in the summer of 99. I showed them then.

"It's easy to do" the show-offs tell me. Yeah sure it is Bob the Builder, you've not seen me fanny around with DIY. It's not easy for me to do.

I've rung around a few local plumbers and can't get anyone to come and do it. What is wrong with earning money in this day and age?

Some answer the phone, are honest and say:

"it's not worth my time. I'm busy and I can earn more doing more lucrative jobs in the time it would take me to do your tap"

It's a pain but fair enough. Thanks for enlightening me.

Some just dont return my calls when I leave messages. But the worst ones are the ones where you arrange for them to come and they just dont turn up at all. They then dont return the calls.

My Mum has had the same problem. She wants a new bathroom suite putting in, is 'suite' the acceptable word to use when describing bathroom furniture? She has been looking for someone for about 6 months. I would guess it's a pretty decent job for a plumber to do. But she's been let down a few times too - and I'm ashamed to admit that one of my friends has been guilty of letting her down also. Long haired girl.

She's experienced all of the problems I have, but the worst ones are the ones that bring brochures round and then dont return the calls.

Maybe the Watski's are just a scary family. "Jeez, I'm not going back to their mad houses".

She's now given up on the idea. And so have I.

I shall just have to remain the garden hose wooden spoon holder.