Friday, August 13, 2004

Flower Power

There's a commotion in the office.

The boss has had some flowers delivered, she's not in at the moment so they're just sat innocently on her desk awaiting her return. If the flowers' intention was to sit quietly in the corner minding its own business then they were sadly mistaken - they might as well have a flashing light and siren attached.

They have succeeded in grabbing the attention of just about every female in the office in the way that only flowers and a new baby can.

As a result, an EGWOM (Extraordinary General Women Only Meeting) was hastily convened around the flowers and has been in session for the last 30 minutes or so.

A few flower related topics have been debated so far by the gathering. A vote was the first item on the agenda, on whether the card should be looked at - they decided not to sanction that one though, not without a few dissenting voices, and an attempted snatch.

They then speculated on the reason behind the flowers being there - anniversary was the most likely suggestion, the men chipped in with the theory that they're probably from her 'knock-off', a view which was immediately repelled by the flower huggers with a relish fuelled "typical!!".

The pollen was kicking in, and its a deadly cocktail when mixed with emotion. You could see the effect in their eyes.

This interruption then led to a discussion on their own personal experiences, starting with flowers, moving on to romance in general, before settling on men, or more accurately: the shortcomings of their men, and then men in general - which was a cue for the males on the periphery to quickly leave the immediate vicinity and relocate to a safe distance to talk about football around the coffee machine.

And not before time too. The disparaging comments were audible to all anyway.

Men should think of the effect on their fellow men before making such gallant gestures.