Tuesday, August 03, 2004

CJ's gone mad

Im getting slightly worried about CJ, she's gone a bit clumsy.

For example, last week she trapped her finger in a car door. Not too much to earn the clumsy label you might think, although all credit to her - she did it in style. The judges were awarding 10's for artistic excellence as the car door shut fully with her finger still in it.

It was some feat actually as it was the hand she was slamming the car door with, although i could testify to her hand speed. Cue big, black, builders finger - she just paints the rest of her nails purple now to blend in. It gives her some pain but painting 9 nails instead of 10 gives you extra time to get ready - so she's viewing it as a positive.

'Clumsy day' arrived last week though where she proceeded to scald herselfwith hot water when she threw a towel over her shoulder that had inadvertently dipped in boiling water, then proceeded to smash a bottle of wine after dropping the bag it was in - this was particularly distressful for her and then she finally broke a wine glass, this may have been in temper at the previous accident but she's not talking.

It's getting to the point where I'm scared to leave anything sharp near her. Its like having a child.

This week she is sporting not one, but two scalds on her forehead, where she has branded herself with the hair straighteners. Did she not learn after the first accident? I think she's becoming immune to pain.

Anyone got a padded cell?