Monday, August 09, 2004


I think I'm being spied on. Or stalked. Or both.

It was intriguing at first, now it's getting worrying.

It all started about 3 or 4 months ago when I received my first letter from this person.

It said 'sorry we haven't seen you in a while'. Who hasn't seen me? What do they mean?

The next letter then said: 'need a helping hand?' Doing what? I suppose I could do with a bit of help come to think of it.

They seemed to know quite a bit about me, stuff that I didnt even know myself until they mentioned it. They know more about me than the people I know do, including my closest confidantes. Intimate things.

I think they're just softening me up for being blackmailed. There's going to be a demand soon, I'm sure of it.

The letters then arrived regularly every couple of weeks, progressing to: 'Are you feeling tired, have no time for yourself?

The thing is that I am, but didn't realise it until it was drawn to my attention. Now I close the curtains whenever I'm in the house, shred my mail and keep the doors and windows locked.

Now they're asking me whether I'm: 'lacking energy, stressed, feeling unfit or can't sleep'.

I am all of the above. How do they know these most private things about me? I'm worried. I think I may go to the police.

I've only one clue about their identity.

They sign the letter 'Gym'.